Back Care


Using The Musher helps promote and improve your core strength.

Improved mobility

Put simply, having a strong core makes any movement easier!


A big part of your injury-related rehabilitation programme should include core strengthening exercises.

How the Musher works for your back

Current core strengthening exercises utilise training aids such as a swiss ball or pilates type exercises. These exercises are difficult without pre-existing core strength. Our natural position is standing and The Musher is unique in being a device which is used in the standing position. This makes it extremely user friendly as it is easy to ‘hook up and go’.

The Musher is a novel exercising solution, improving core body strength and effectively strengthening the body for general back health and sporting activities. It uniquely provides a pure rotational resistance enabling muscles to be strengthened in a manner which closely resembles how the body’s core muscles are used day-to-day and in multiple sporting activities.

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