About The Musher

The Musher is a core trainer that focuses purely on rotational power to strengthen and stabilise the core muscles.

As a health and fitness brand empowering people all over the world, we believe that improving the core is the first of many great steps for doing this. Our aim is to always find innovative ways to improve health and fitness for anyone and everyone. For us, this starts at the core of your body. The core muscles are vital at living and keeping a strong and stable lifestyle.

A chance meeting between Luke Porter, the inventor of The Musher, and Professor Mushtaque Ishaque, a Consultant Spinal Surgeon, resulted in the development of the concept behind The Musher. Over a twelve-month period, The Musher moved from concept to product. Today, we are excited to share with you our first release of The Musher. It can be readily used in gyms, sport studios, clinics as well as the home environment.

The Musher is based in the UK.

Our Mushers are designed and made in Birmingham, UK.

Yes, get in contact with us and we can provide you with a colour just for you!

Yes, if you would like your logo to be printed on The Musher, please contact us with your enquiry. 

The Musher provides a unique, safe, and stable way to strengthen the core muscles. Unlike lots of devices offering similar benefits, The Musher requires no fitness level, is a safe way of exercising the core without injuring other parts of the body that compensate and allows the user to maintain consistent resistance without losing tension through the range of motion, something that is a typical problem when using other devices.

How To Use The Musher

Yes, the core muscles are extremely important in everyday life for anyone. They play a role in everything that we do on a day-to-day basis. Whether that’s sport, back rehabilitation or building general core strength this is for everyone.

Yes! No more two-minute planks! The Musher requires no level of fitness to use and is used in a way that closely resembles the activities we do daily. 

Absolutely, this is a key part of post-operative rehabilitation.

Yes, under supervision from your physiotherapist.

Absolutely! The core is excellent for regaining the anterior abdominal wall muscles which have been stretched during pregnancy.

The key differences are the weight, rotational momentum, and the circular ‘path’ of The Musher. The Pro provides an extended rotational path for those looking for a longer rotational extension.

The Pro is heavier than the Lite and the arms of the Pro are longer and wrap around the user more than the arms of the Lite version. This gives the Pro more rotational momentum which gives more of a rotational swinging feel. For sports specific use such as golf, the Pro is the preferred option. For more general use and where portability and storage are concerns, the smaller Lite version is the better option.

All of them!

The Musher Pro is heavier and larger, providing greater momentum and circular rotation. The Musher Lite has the same function as the Pro version. However, it is a lighter, smaller version of the Pro with reduced circular length, easier for transport and storage!

Yes! The Musher comes with everything you need to set it up anywhere your own home. Visit our ‘How to’ page to see how it can be used at home.

Yes, we provide you with a door hinge which the bungee cord can clip on to. From there all you need to do is hook up and go!

Yes! If your local gym does not already have a Musher, take your own and show your own Musher off to everyone. Visit our ‘How to’ page to see how it can be used in the gym.

Yes, we encourage you to use The Musher on a cable machine as well as with our bungee cords.

Absolutely! You can use The Musher anywhere you like. We provide you with all you need to set up at your local park, in your garden, anywhere you can think of. All you need to do is tie the cord provided around a strong object then hook up and go!

Each bungee cord differs. Try them all out to find what best suits you. Red is the least resistant, blue in the middle and black is the highest resistance. 

The minimum breaking strength of the cords are:

Red: 108 kg

Blue: 160 kg

Black: 252 kg

This is dependent on how much load you are placing on The Musher. With heavier weight, we recommend fewer repetitions and with lighter weight, we recommend more repetitions.

Absolutely! We encourage athletes and sports teams to use The Musher as part of their programme to improve core strength and stability. The Musher is not only to build strength in these areas, but also to reduce the likelihood of injury in all sports.

Shipping & Returns

To find out if we ship to you, go to checkout, and fill out your address. Our shipping calculator will automatically provide you with different shipping options depending on where you are. If you do not find your country, please use our contact page to get in touch.

How big is the box The Musher comes in?


Length: 60 cm

Width: 20 cm

Height: 80 cm

The Musher product may be returned within 28 days. Please note that all returns are required to be in the original packaging (if this remains suitable for shipping) or in packaging which is acceptable to your preferred shipping service. Please ensure that appropriate packaging is used to minimise the likelihood of damage in transit.  Where a refund is requested, the product will require inspection before the Company can authorise the transaction. To assist in this process please observe the following:

Forward photographic evidence to info@themusher.com where product items are damaged.

Forward shipping details in order that the package can be tracked.

Please advise within 28 days of purchase of your intention to return the product by emailing info@themusher.com.

We reserve the right to review returns of any merchandise that does not meet the above return conditions.

If products forming part of the purchase are damaged you will be able to request replacement for these, however a refund will only be accepted within 28 days of shipment.

Yes, you can order any two Mushers that come packaged together. 

Yes, 1 year for the metal frame itself. However, there is no warranty for the cushioned foam, handles and the end pieces.

Affiliates, Bulk Orders & Distribution

Fantastic! We would love to hear more. Please contact info@themusher.com about becoming an affiliate for The Musher.

Please contact info@themusher.com, and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as they can.   

Please get in contact with info@themusher.com, and a member of the team will contact you about your enquiry.