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We are happy to introduce our latest addition to the Musher family, namely the Musher Lite. The similarities with its big brother, the Musher Pro, are obvious, however the wrap around has been reduced, thus decreasing the weight (- 0.5kg from the Musher Pro) and making it more compact in size. This being achieved without losing any beneficial impacts of the Pro version. The Musher Lite version is ideal for people who may want a more travel friendly product – it is easier to take in the car or even bring to the gym. The Musher Lite is a more convenient option for those preferring a lighter version and may well be more popular with the older and younger generations, as well as customers with smaller body frames.
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Dimensions: 82 x 48 x 19 cm

Internal Circular Diameter: 68 cm

Frame length: 133 cm

Weight: 3 kg

The ‘Lite’ provides a great rotational momentum but is 20% (28 cm) shorter in circular length than the Musher Pro. It is therefore an easier option for storage and transport.

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“The unique design allows the user to maintain consistent resistance without losing tension through the range of motion, something that is a typical problem when using a cable”

Lindsay Bruce

Owner of the Elite Performance Gym