The Musher Announces Sponsorship with Ambassador Joe Miller

March 2021 – Londoner Joe Miller, a 2-time World Long Drive Champion, is already one of the World’s most recognised Long Drivers, but is also extremely popular within golf, health and fitness too. Due to his cross-category status in golf, well-being, strength and fitness, Joe was an obvious choice to work with The Musher Team, moving forwards.

The Musher is therefore proud to announce it has secured Joe Miller, as its Brand Ambassador on a multi-year sponsorship, which will increase visibility to the product as it ventures forward in its multi-sport and multi-use offering.

What is the Musher? The Musher is an innovative exercising accessory that can be used at home or at the gym. The Musher enables individuals to improve core muscle strength, whether you are a gym regular or you do occasional workouts at the home, outdoors or in the gym – The Musher is suited for ALL fitness levels and ALL ages*.

The Musher was co-developed between Professor Mushtaque Ishaque, a Consultant Spinal Surgeon, and the Inventor of The Musher, Luke Porter. Luke is incredibly passionate about Joe’s addition to the Musher Team, stating “Rotational strength is important for all aspects of every-day living and sports. Joe is a great ambassador for The Musher as rotational strength and rotational control are critical for his profession, whether he’s chipping, putting or hitting World record drives. We are very pleased that Joe’s exercise insights are a natural fit for the benefits The Musher can bring“.

Very few golfers have possessed the physique, power and technique of the extraordinary Joe Miller, and fitness, core strength and versality, plus all other notable benefits, is what made the decision to work with The Musher an easy one. “For me personally, I’m all about core strength, good secure rotation, speed and mobility, so this device ticks all the boxes! When you pair that with injury prevention, or even rehabilitation, clearly the medical thinking behind it is what makes it that extra credible. I’m excited to see how it develops my sport and health interests, where I can measure the positive impacts it will no doubt provide. I’m excited to be a part of a dynamic and forward-thinking team”. 

The Musher will soon be rolling out two additional products to its Original Musher Pro, by adding a Musher Lite and Musher Elite, increasing its versality and usage options.

*supervised use for the younger generation

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