The Musher

The Musher is a new, innovative, piece of equipment that can be used by anyone, anywhere. We aim to give individuals the best chance at improving their core, whether you’re a gym enthusiast or workout at home, you can use The Musher whatever fitness level you are at.

The rotational motion that The Musher uses to engage the core replicates the movements similar to that of sporting and everyday activities. The ability to isolate muscles around the core improves the strength and stability of the spine allowing you to put higher amounts of pressure on your back and core muscles without causing injury.

The Musher Mission

Core strength is critical to ensure stability and act as a keystone for both upper and lower body strength. The Musher is a new, leading edge device which addresses this need through a unique rotational strengthening movement in a standing position.

Injury prevention is as important, if not more important than cure. The Musher aims to provide prehabilitation as well as rehabilitation. It is a fact that nearly every physical movement benefits from a strong core. There is no level of fitness that is required to use The Musher making it a great product to use for your core!