Visualisation, Footwork and The Musher

In nearly all sports there is much said about the “visualisation” which is used by competitors before action is set in motion. In particular, leading golfers have exceptional clarity of what they are looking to achieve with each shot. Golfers often refer to the “feel” which a visualised shot gives and then attempt to experience this feel through the execution of the shot.

One big question is how this process of visualisation and feeling for a shot becomes something which the golfer actually physically experiences when the shot is executed.

One of the main sensations golfers actually experience when executing a stroke is how the shot feels through the feet. The feet and toes are very sensitive things and need to be because they have a key job of both sensing and providing muscle engagement in keeping us balanced and upright. So, adding the complication of swinging a club around the body at some speed on a very precise path brings a large range of factors into play.

It is not therefore surprising that a good number of golf instructors place particular importance on improving footwork. As the golf swing is principally a rotational motion and a golf club is relatively light in weight, one good option for improving the muscle feel and strength for footwork is to present an appropriate rotational resistance as an exercise. The Musher is an excellent option for this as it engages both the feet, and the core body muscles in a way that closely reflects the muscle sensation when swinging a club. This ground up physical experience may be the transformational step needing to be taken for better golf!